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Angel Foods

Angel Foods
By Cherie Soria
Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies is a divinely inspired guide to preparing delicious, nutritious foods from the plant kingdom. It includes 243 fast & easy recipes with an international flavor, tempting bits of food for thought, and even a how-to section on kitchen gardening. "Angel Foods" is a beautifully designed cookbook filled with angelic art and inspiring reflections encouraging readers to honor the sacredness of food.

What you'll find in Angel Foods:

- Over 240 delicious, cooked and uncooked, meatless, dairy-free recipes from fruits to desserts!

- Answers to questions such as, "Which oils and sweeteners are best?" and "What can I do to improve my family's eating habits?"

- Dozens of "insights" about food preparation and selection!

- Valuable information about kitchen equipment, ingredients and resources!

- How-to sections on indoor gardening and creating delicious milk, cream, cheese and yogurt from nuts and seeds!

- 200 beautiful, inspiring, angelic communions - one on every recipe page!
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