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Favorite Raw Rocks Tour Products

Dan & CherieRaw Rocks

Cherie and Dan's favorite products while on tour...

A number of people have asked about the products Cherie and Dan mention in their talks, so here they are, along with a code (at the bottom) for FREE SHIPPING on your first order over $50:


Vitamineral Green from HealthForce Nutritionals:

Vegan Capsules - 120 count  |  Vegan Capsules - 400 Count  

Powder - 150 Grams  |  Powder - 300 Grams  |  Powder - 500 Grams


Vision Industries:

Brain On Capsules - 60 Count

Renew Me Capsules - 300 Count

Renew Me Powder



Vitamin D

Vitamin B12


Nutritional Yeast

Red Star Yeast


Mila Chia Seed:

1 lb Bag

4 oz Bag



Organic Chipotle Powder

Himalayan Crystal Salt 1 lb Coarse Grind

Himalayan Crystal Salt 1 lb Fine Grind

Tahini - 16 oz


Nut Butters:

Pili Nut Butter

Cashew Butter

Coconut Butter

Almond Butter


As you check out, please feel free to use the code RAWRAWKS06 to redeem your Free Shipping offer on orders over $50.