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New Good Life, The

New Good Life, The
The New Good Life provides a philosophical and prescriptive path from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption. Where the old view of success was measured by cash, stocks, and various luxuries, the new view will be guided by financial restraint and a new awareness of what truly matters. A passionate manifesto on finding meaning beyond money and status, this book delivers a sound blueprint for living well on less. Discover how to

- create your own definition of success based on your deepest beliefs and life experience
- alleviate depression, lower blood pressure, and stay fit with inexpensive alternatives for high-cost medications
- develop a diet that promotes better health-and saves you money
- plan for-and protect yourself from-future economic catastrophes
- cut down on your housing and transportation costs
- live frugally without deprivation
- follow in the footsteps of real people who have effectively forged new financial identities.
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