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PlayBook Getting Into Your Pan

PlayBook Getting Into Your Pan
Getting into Your Pants PlayBook is the companion guide to weight loss book,
Getting into Your Pants – lickety split.
The point is this: the more committed you are, the more time you spend,
and the more focused you are, the quicker you will lose weight and
build your energy, health and fitness.
The sooner you can prance in those cuter-than-heck pants,
the sweeter life will be in every way.
If you have fun along the way, that’s even better.
Your "PlayBook" is a valuable, practical tool to help you get the most
from "Getting Into Your Pants."
It helps you build a foundation of facts and create a doable, best-for-you,
weight-loss eating plan that works for you - not just for the short sprint
of a few weeks or months, but for the long haul of your life.
You don’t need to be perfect (because none of us mere mortals are).
You just need to make enough good choices to gradually shed those layers
and transition to the next level one baby step at a time.
You can do that!
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