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Raw Spirit

Raw Spirit
by Matthew J. Monarch
"What the raw food advocates don't preach" - Within these pages are details that raw food advocates don't preach and have not written about. In honest detail, Raw Spirit prepares you for the world you could be walking into if you choose to become Raw, or if you are already. The second half of Raw Spirit is an extensive interview with Dr. Fred Bisci, PhD, 40 year raw food pioneer, and Master Nutritionist. Included is Dr. Bisci's Intermediate Healing Diet, a protocol similar to what he gives clients who want to heal from dis-ease. Although I feel 100% Raw is the optimal diet for the human body if done correctly, it may not be for you. This intermediate diet, containing some cooked foods, can be adopted as your daily diet for health and healing; or it can be used to transition safely and easily to your new Raw Lifestyle. Raw Spirit has much to offer: Those who want to heal through diet; Those who want to stay Raw, but keep falling back into cooked food; Those who are Raw and may run into future problems; Those who are Raw and feeling confused and rejected; Those looking into Raw. What they can expect.
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